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Climate Change Truth Inc. We are an organization dedicated to find the truth about climate change. Our areas of study are below. We are looking for federal, state and private grants for a 10 year study.  I called the company climate change truth because I am a scientist and we should always follow the data instead of fitting the data to what we want to fit it to.

Joni Mitchell in 1970 sang “They paved paradise And put up a parking lot”

Increasing Photosynthesis is mitigating atmospheric carbon dioxide rise. 

I contacted the USA Embassy’s in South America, India and China. Talked to their environmental scientists and they saw the correct science and what we need to do.  India stopped deforestation of their rain-forest. They are planting trees. China is increasing their forests by 1% each year for two years. Pakistan planted 1 billion trees last year and plans 9 billion trees more within 5 years. 

IPCC the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Ignores key parameters. Simulation results are invalid.

I have asked a few Climate Scientists this fair question.  How much CO2 emission reduction will reduce how much CO2 concentration.  The answers are:

  1. I don’t know
  2. 20 billion tons less emissions per year will equal current photosynthesis. This means no human emissions. The current worldwide photosynthesis amount consumes 9.2 billion tons annually. 
  3. CO2 concentrations will begin to decrease only when net emissions go to zero, very roughly speaking.
    C.A. (Andy) Miller
    Associate Director for Climate
    Air, Climate, and Energy Research Program
    US EPA Office of Research and Development
    Los Angeles, CA

We need to fix the photosynthesis issues. 

2019-2020 Challenge:
Plant 200 billion native shrubs and 2 billion native trees all over the world.
Planting ideas for 2018 Challenge
All Government policy document to bring atmospheric carbon dioxide down quickly.
New plantings will be listed here.

I spoke at the 5th World Conference on Climate Change and Global Warming in New York, USA, May 23-24, 2018. The findings from my published paper: Discovery reduction in photosynthesis correlation to atmospheric carbon dioxide.The Presentations page has this presentation. 

Please download the below pdf to contact state departments around the world to ban importation of hard wood from south america. This is what funds the deforestation of 2 billion acres so far.
Please download and follow instructions rainforest-stop.pdf

On the funding page you will see GoFundme and paypal donate links. Corporate of Government support contact us through the contact page.



Water vapor evaporation rates from oceans for Weather modeling. This changes based on salinity and temperature.
Ocean level rise by latitude here;ocean rise
Increased evaporation is mitigating most ocean rise due to Glacier melt.


Diffusion of Carbon Dioxide at various altitudes in the atmosphere. This will produce a diffusion gradient.

Rain Forests

The Amazon rain forest in 1992 switched to an oxygen sink and CO2 producer.

Please watch this important Global Warming video.
Global Warming Video

3 mm per year ocean rise. Minimum 2.2 mm max 3.3 mm/year.

Rising Sea Levels

It is said the sea level is rising. This is technically true. (See the blue line satellite data continues on the same slope as previous data.)  About 10 inches since 1870.  As the oceans rise the surface area expands and the evaporation rate increases due to warming oceans and dilution of glacier water. The increasing evaporation is mitigating all the ocean rise due to glacier melt.  This increase is also responsible for increased weather and storm clouds. Previously the clouds blocked 20% of the sun’s energy from warming the earth. Now that is increasing with more clouds and soon the temperature increase will stabilize. 

Just as one data point does not tell the global data. We are now working with Sea Surface Height science team in the NOAA Laboratory for Satellite measurement.  We have the RADS software (Altimetry data are provided by the NOAA Laboratory for Satellite Altimetry) installed on or server made Graphs by each 10 degrees latitude.  The graphs we made show approximately the same rate of rise at each latitude. ocean rise This means increased evaporation is mitigating all ocean rise due to Glacier melt.This is the same we did for Atmospheric CO2 and Temperature. You can see these graphs on the data page.