Climate Change Truth

The ocean is not a sink for Atmospheric CO2. The concentration in the ocean is 50 times that of the atmosphere at 411ppm. The diffusion at STP for Atmospheric CO2 is 2 cm per month. There exists no flux for this.

Some ways Atmospheric CO2 goes into the ocean.

  • Photosynthesis with surface plants. Effect is 70% of Earth Oxygen supply comes from this. It does not increase ocean CO2.
  • wave cure captures air and has longer residence time to diffuse.
  • ocean spray captures air like wave cure.
  • Typhoons and Hurricanes disturb the ocean and cause air capture.

    Why is ocean CO2 increasing and Ocean pH decreasing from 8.13 to 8.08?

  • Google how much garbage goes into the ocean daily.
















NSF Proposal 1920969