Ocean not a sink grant

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The ocean is not a sink for Atmospheric CO2. The concentration in the ocean is 50 times that of the atmosphere at 411ppm. The diffusion at STP for Atmospheric CO2 is 1 cm per year. There exists no flux for this.

Some ways Atmospheric CO2 goes into the ocean.

  • Photosynthesis with surface plants. Effect is 70% of Earth Oxygen supply comes from this. It does not increase ocean CO2.
  • wave cure captures air and has longer residence time to diffuse.
  • ocean spray captures air like wave cure.
  • Typhoons and Hurricanes disturb the ocean and cause air capture.

    Why is ocean CO2 increasing and Ocean pH decreasing from 8.13 to 8.08?

  • Google how much garbage goes into the ocean daily.

















Organization Id: 6250042269, Contact’s Name: Dave White , NSF ID: 000758784


Grant for data collection to prove Ocean is or isn’t a sink for Atmospheric CO2.

Start Date 08/1/2018 End Date 3/31/2021

Theory is ocean not a sink for Atmospheric CO2.  The concentration gradient is reverse of molecular diffusion. The diffusion of CO2 in atmosphere with Ficks law is 1 cmyr-1.

Intellectual Merit

Investigators Climate Change Truth researchers
Sponsor: Climate Change Truth Research Inc. 3313 W. Cherry Dr. Ste 1040 Meridian, ID 83624
NSF Program(s): Directorate For Geosciences (GEO) – Division Of Ocean Sciences (OCE), CHEMICAL OCEANOGRAPHY

This project will determine is the ocean is or isn’t a sink for Atmospheric CO2

Experimental Plan (High level) to prove or disprove Ocean is not a sink for Atmospheric CO2.

  1. Concentration in Ocean for CO2 is 50 times that of Atmospheric CO2. Concentration gradient is reverse of what is needed to say it is a sink.
  2. Diffusion of Atmospheric CO2 is 1 cm per year at STP so no flux.

Use wave tank at Oregon State University

Water temperature standard, plus temperature, minus temperature

Air pressure standard and 2X atmospheres.

CO2 concentration 415ppm, 500ppm, 700ppm, 900ppm..

Cctruth.org will provide 1 scientist to work with Professor.

Ctruth.org will provide the CO2 meters.

Each run would take from12 to 24 hours. The amount of time would need to be decided on by the group.

Heater for water could be swimming pool heater and just need a natural gas connection.  Chiller would be your choice.


Broader Impacts

Most scientists believe the Ocean is a sink for atmospheric CO2.However theory says it is not. This experiment will determine if the ocean is or is not a sink. Also, what pressure and temperature combination it would be a sink.  Once the first year’s data is collected we will present that at a conference(s).