Climate Change Truth

We can present this to any organization. Dr. Gbujie Daniel Chidubem, The IPCC representative at the conference will show my presentation to other IPCC scientists on June 11.  Last week I sent the presentation to Nick Nuttall of Global Climate Action Summit.  Previously they were for carbon emission reduction and this week they sent this:

My presentation at 2018 Climate Change Conference taking effect. The forest effect.

Collectively, the global food system, unsustainable forest management, infrastructure development, and other activities related to land use are a major driver of global climate change, accounting for more greenhouse gas emissions than the total emissions from all cars, trucks, trains, planes and ships in the world. Forests, grasslands, and other habitats pull carbon out of the atmosphere, but when they are cleared, they release carbon and their capacity to reabsorb it is diminished. In the soil and in healthy ecosystems, carbon is a building block of life; in the atmosphere, it heats the planet.

 Dr. Gbujie Daniel Chidubem called me a “Brilliant Scientist”

Time line

11/22/2017 JOC Dr. Huth said not scientific paper
12/18/2017 started peer review IJCEA (Journal of Chemical Engineering)
12/21/2017 Invited for ORAL presentation at 2018 Climate Conference May 24.
01/02/2018 Chemical Engineering Journal finished peer review and suggested IJESD
02/01/2018 IJESD finished peer review and accepted for publishing
04/13/2018 Published IJESD Volume 9 Number 4.
05/24/2018 Presented findings at 2018 Climate Change Conference. All scientists agreed with the science.
05/24/2018 Dr. Gbujie Daniel Chidubem called me a “Brilliant Scientist
06/11/2018 Dr. Gbujie Daniel Chidubem of the IPCC presented the findings at the United Nations.






















I added a calculation document which shows CO2 only diffuses 1 cm/yr

2018 Climate Conference Presentation

Why I wrote the paper

Fick’s diffusion of atmospheric CO2 calculation.