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Climate Change Truth

This report is a culmination of over 20 years looking at Global Warming and Climate Change reports with skepticism the way any scientist should look at all data. The data in this report was taken from government sources where available. No data manipulation was done.  Over 100 Ph. D.’s in Chemistry, Engineering, and Physics have read and confirmed the truth in the report below.  If you are a scientist and want to add your name then go to the contact page and let us know. 

Please also look at NOAA and NASA and GLIMS sites. You most likely will not find any data since the end of 2015.  The only exception to this is the display of the newest carbon dioxide ppm number.

Our Report

Our Combined report including heat balance data is Combined paper with heat balance.pdf

Why does the arctic glaciers melt now when the antarctic glaciers are not?  The reason is found in the below paper. There is a NASA report that says the earth tilted because of Greenland and Iceland melting. This is a lie. They said this “When the researchers input the GRACE observations on changes in land water mass from April 2002 to March 2015 into classic physics equations that predict pole positions, they found that the results matched the observed east-west wobble very closely. “This is much more than a simple correlation,” coauthor Ivins said. “We have isolated the cause.”

Alaska has glacier melting also. The Earth spins and has melting the same all the way around the arctic. I received the JPL NASA paper and the authors used things that happened after the tilt changed. They used things like the ocean rise to 6 or 9 meters, the land mass water changes after 2002  in their calculations.  This is not cause and effect. The fact is the shift of the earth tilted started around 1975 and caused these things. Several astrophysics PhD’s have confirmed this.


Think of this model as your kitchen sink. When the drain is clogged the sink, level rises and the water stays in longer (residence time). This is what we have increasing CO2 and longer residence time. The atmospheric tank model shows we need to fix the drain. If it was and input issue with fully functional drain then the level could rise but the residence time would not change much.  We have  a 10 fold residence time increase.  The drain is damaged by 2 billion acres of Amazon Rain-forest deforestation and city sprawl plus other causes. The loss of photosynthesis from the 2 billion acres is 90 billion tons of consumption. City sprawl plus other is 1 billion. Total 91 billion consumption tons destroyed. Fossil fuel input effect is 21 billion tons. To even make the input drop closer to the output we need 100% less fossil fuel burning. This would mean less electricity delivered to everyone. No natural gas to your home. No cell phone, No car. Just bicycle or walking. Mass transit by electric and fueled train only. This would not make the input equal to the output. To fix the drain we need to stop the deforestation and burning, plant native trees and shrubs all over the world. These two things will open the drain so more will flow then we are currently adding. May as well start planting native trees all over everywhere.


Discovery of Rain Forest devastation correlation to Carbon Dioxide increase.

I plotted the CO2 concentration and Rain-forest devastation at 10%-time intervals. Then calculated each part of the formula. The correlation coefficient obtained is 0.99 so it correlates. Carbon dioxide emissions and Carbon dioxide concentration increase received a lousy 0.72 so it does not. This document  is already gone through extensive scientific peer review at the  International Journal of Chemical Engineering because the Climate Change journal did not want to publish this truth. However for better emphasis they contacted the International Journal of Environmental Science and Development where it has gone through a second scientific peer review. It will be published in the IJESD during the second half of February 2018.  The IJESD now owns the copyright to it.  In 2017 13 million hectares (32 million acres) are being converted. 

World estimates are 3 billion tons of atmospheric carbon dioxide per year from deforestation.  The total world is said to be 38 billion tons per year.  Most of this is consumed by the remaining rain forest. This massive consumption causes the large trees to grow so fast they topple over.  This in turn causes less carbon dioxide consumption. More carbon dioxide from burning causes more Amazon plant growth which later becomes more decay.    The burning in the Amazon conversion started around 1950.  We are seeing this decay more and more the last years.

This along with other decay in the rain forest make it a total loss for net oxygen production.  The Amazon rain-forest previously produced 20% of the world’s oxygen supply.  Therefore, everyone is breathing air at 5500 feet in elevation above where they are.  This is an international emergency. Having said that would be a half-truth like most climate scientists do to force their agenda.  The truth is increased photosynthesis in the northern hemisphere above 60 degrees north where the temperature has gone up more than 3 C.  So the total loss in Oxygen is closer to 12% plus percent instead of the 20% (5500 feet).


1950 start deforestation
1957 Carbon Dioxide started current increase
1975 Earth warming started
2017 to date over 800 million hectares have been deforested out of 70.4 billion hectares

In 1988 Dr. James Hansen testified before congress greenhouse gases were causing more warming in the future. In that year 15.1 million hectares (37 million acres) of rain forest were burned and converted.  He was a NASA scientist.  It seems NASA if anyone should see smoke from 37 million acres by satellite or space shuttle. The burning started in 1950 and 1988 was 39th year.  Carbon dioxide had already increased to 350 ppm by that time.


The CO2 increase can be seen in the above graph from Mauna Loa with two distinct regimes. The industrial part (pre 1950) shows without the deforestation of the rain-forest the current carbon dioxide concentration would be 340 ppm.  The deforestation started in 1950 and shortly after that we see the current regime rise. If we extend the industrial line and calculate the regression we get a collation coefficient of 0.98. Without the rain forest component we would have a ppm reading of around 363 ppm today.

I did regression by target to find out where we would be with no rain-forest influence.  The graph below shows each regression value by target.

The targets are:
340 ppm
350 ppm
360 ppm
370 ppm
380 ppm

Here is a google search you can do to see it.  rain-forest burning annual co2 release

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These are the facts in this report:

  • The Rain-forest devastation is the cause of 50 ppm of the current rise.
  • Carbon dioxide does not freeze in the atmosphere and hold in heat
  • There is no molecular diffusion between the ocean and the air for carbon dioxide
  • We need to increase photosynthesis to bring down atmospheric carbon dioxide
    • Plant 100 Million native trees and shrubs worldwide.


Tilt of the earth

Dr. Kristine L. DeLong has an excellent write up about how the changing tilt of the earth affects climate.


Milutin Milankovitch: “As the Axial tilt increases, the seasonal contrast increases so that winters are colder and summers are warmer”