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Climate Change Truth

This report is a culmination of over 20 years looking at Global Warming and Climate Change reports with skepticism the way any scientist should look at all data. The data in this report was taken from government sources where available. No data manipulation was done.  Over 100 Ph. D.’s in Chemistry, Engineering, and Physics have read and confirmed the truth in the report below.  If you are a scientist and want to add your name then go to the contact page and let us know. 


Increased Evaporation is mitigating all ocean rise due to melting glaciers.

JOG-18-0058 Discovery: Increased evaporation mitigates ocean rise due to melting glaciers.pdf

Correct earth warming is astrophysical and not global warming.

The below paper was uploaded to the International Climate Journal but just like our rain forest paper they denied this truth.  The warming we have does not correlate to green house gases or any human activity. It is now in another journal undergoing scientific review.

EAE-18-0167 Discovery Earth’s warming is Astrophysical

Why does the arctic glaciers melt now whttp://cctruth.org/EAE-18-0167 Discovery Earth’s warming is Astrophysical.pdfhen the antarctic glaciers are not?  The reason is found in the above paper.

There is a NASA report that says the earth tilted because of Greenland and Iceland melting. This is a lie. They said this “When the researchers input the GRACE observations on changes in land water mass from April 2002 to March 2015 into classic physics equations that predict pole positions, they found that the results matched the observed east-west wobble very closely. “This is much more than a simple correlation,” coauthor Ivins said. “We have isolated the cause.”

Alaska has glacier melting also. The Earth spins and has melting the same all the way around the arctic.

The correct Carbon Dioxide Greenhouse effect is 0.08 °C.

EAE-18-0154 Correct Carbon Dioxide Greenhouse Gas effect.pdf

I received the JPL NASA paper and the authors used things that happened after the tilt changed. They used things like the ocean rise to 6 or 9 meters, the land mass water changes after 2002  in their calculations.  This is not cause and effect. 

Tilt of the earth

Dr. Kristine L. DeLong has an excellent write up about how the changing tilt of the earth affects climate.


Milutin Milankovitch: “As the Axial tilt increases, the seasonal contrast increases so that winters are colder and summers are warmer”


Most of the rain-forest data has been moved here: Rain-forest data

Here is a google search you can do to see it.  rain-forest burning annual co2 release 

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