Greenhouse Gases

Climate Change Truth

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Dr. T. J. Biasing of Oak Ridge National Laboratory exposed greenhouse gasses to long wave radiation. This long wave radiation is said to be the cause of global warming. Not freezing of CO2 in the Mesosphere. (This freezing is an Al Gore lie! The freezing point of CO2 at the pressure in the Mesosphere is -100 C, The temperature in the Mesosphere is -90 C)

Gas                                                                                            Increased radiative forcing (Watts/m2)

CO2 concentration is in ppm. (parts per million)                                1.94

CH4 Methane concentration is in ppb. (parts per billion)                  0.50

Other greenhouse gases are even less effect and are called negligible in science.

The data is here:

CO2 doesn’t frees in the upper atmosphere.