Follow the data about Climate Change

We are an organization which follows correct scientific methods. We will always follow the data and let the data lead us to a correct solution.

Our Staff:
Dave White Ch. E.
Portland, OR
Chemical Engineer with Masters level study in Statistics  research@cctruth.org Climate Change Truth Inc.
More than 16 billion trees have been planted due to the science I presented. 10 billion planted this and every year now (3 trees per second). Cctruth.org India stopped destruction of their rainforest and Peru stopped deforestation.
A 501-3c non-profit scientific research group. Limited funding at this time.
We have no agenda except the scientific truth about Climate Change and all research.
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Researchgate over 7800 reads and 13 citations Acta Scientific agriculture Journal editor and Board Member URF Journals Chief Editor for Climate Change and Geology
YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMs4YNKinCkmq8N3s1NmB4A

Randy Beers Psychics Tualatin, OR

Orlando Castanon San Antonio, TX.