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Over 16 Billion Trees Planted out of 110 billion scheduled in the next ten years.

Climate Change Truth, Inc.

Climate Change Truth, Inc. is an organization of scientists who are dedicated to finding the truth about climate change.  We believe that we should always follow the data rather than lead the data into a preconceived ideology.

We are looking for federal, state and private grants for a 10 year study.  Our areas of study are:
  • Stop Amazon Rainforest from destruction! $10 million will stop it.
  • Cause the planting of 100 billion trees.
  • Ocean Evaporation for better weather modeling.
  • Atmospheric carbon dioxide average residence time is 150 years. No effect from COVID or any recession!

Our Projects

Experiment Summary: This experiment proves we can plant native trees and shrubs instead of grass and they will eventually (within 10 years) consume all the carbon dioxide from the vehicle’s.Recent calibration.Proposal at NSF Review.


You Can Help!

We’re sending out a Call to Action.  You can help at home by following these steps:

  1. Plant 3 native trees and shrubs per year for each member of your family.
  2. Download this document and join tens of thousands by following it daily.
  3. Add Ecosia search to your web browser.  They plant trees!
  4. Please watch Kiss the Ground Movie.
  5. Donate to our work. 

Doing these things we will get 330 ppm of carbon dioxide by 2031 guaranteed!

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More Information

 I am now going to tell you how renewables are unreliable.

  • How to ruin an electrical grid in 3 easy steps. Solar panels dont work at night or with snow on them.
  • Watch the video, Ocean Stupidification Ocean acidity is no different than it has ever been!
  • Joni Mitchell in 1970 sang, “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.” (Big Yellow Taxi) Indeed, we have deforested paradise so much that we have had a 97% reduction in photosynthesis consumption.
  • Essential_Role_of_Photosynthesis_in_Defining_Net_Zero_Carbon_Dioxide NetZeroCO2e=8.6 gt/yr!
  • We can work to reforest paradise. Learn more.
  • May 2018, one of our scientists, David White, contacted the USA embassies in South America, India, and China. Learn More
  • In 2018, we encouraged the Indian government to stop its Indian Rainforest deforestation.
  • The IPCC Ignores Key Data, ( that shows how the reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) ignore key data, resulting in simulations that are invalid. These are now the 5th paragraph in the executive summaryLearn More.
  • Atmospheric carbon dioxide increases 1.5 ppm per month during the timeframe November through May. It normally decreases from June through October. The graph shows an increase in photosynthesis. Every time it goes up the increase in photosynthesis from 16 billion trees planted since May 2018 pulls it down. 

I have asked a few climate scientists this fair question,  “how much carbon dioxide emission reduction will reduce how much carbon dioxide concentration?”  Learn more



2019-2022 Challenge: Plant 200 billion native shrubs and 200 billion native trees all over the world.

Planting ideas for 2018 Challenge

All Government policy documents to bring atmospheric carbon dioxide down quickly.

Please download the below pdf to contact state departments around the world to ban importation of hard wood from South America. This is what funds the deforestation of 2 billion acres so far.

Please download and follow instructions rainforest-stop.pdf

On the funding page you will see GoFundme and paypal donate links.

Corporate or Government support contact us through the contact page.



Water vapor evaporation rates from oceans for Weather modeling. This changes based on salinity and temperature.
Ocean level rise by latitude here; ocean rise
Increased evaporation is mitigating most ocean rise due to Glacier melt.


Diffusion of Carbon Dioxide at various altitudes in the atmosphere. This will produce a diffusion gradient.

Rain Forests

The Amazon rain forest in 1992 switched to an oxygen sink and CO2 producer. Now outputting 15 GT/yr twice what fossil fuels output.  55 ppm of the rise of Atmospheric CO2.

Please watch this important Global Warming video.
Global Warming Video