Dave White

Dave Is a Chemical Engineer with graduate studies in statistics. Currently working on Climate Change. He has 30 years’ experience since graduation in 1984. Promoting responsibility to environment and health of all species. Dave White graduated in Chemical Engineering in 1984. During the time at Oregon State University Dave worked on a cross flow counter current scrubber for coal fired power plants. Then he moved to Hillsboro with his wife and worked in Semiconductors. In 2007, Dave along with Dr. Tom Wallow produced a paper on ArF double patterning for semiconductors. This multi-pattering scheme is widely used in today’s semiconductor manufacturing plants. In 2011, Dave started a consulting business for Semiconductors. In 2016, Dave Started Climate Change Truth Inc. Dave is seeking the truth about climate change. Editor for Acta Scientific.

IPCC Reports

In 2018 I contacted the National Academy of Sciences, spoke to Dr. Mike Kuperberg who is the Executive Director of the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP), He saw the correct science in our presentations page. He sent it to the other scientists in their office. Their consensus was to have me get a team and participate in the annual “Expert and Government Review (EAGR)” program of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports.
I led a team of PhD’s whose ranks soon swelled from myself to thirty other scientists who are also participating in the writing of this college textbook. Together we participated in the “EAGR” program, and we unanimously found all kinds of garbage science in their reports. Also, we had Adam Yeeley, the chief editor of Nature Climate Change fired. His PhD was in political science. He let the IPCC scientists publish loosely referenced manuscripts and circular reference them in their reports. This is not science. The IPCC reports are deliberate science fiction. The IPCC writers identify themselves as climate experts and inform governments globally in their reports on what to believe about climate change. These false reports lead to false government policies being made that negatively impact every person and business around the globe through unnecessary economic
restrictions and taxation.

Research Interest

Dave White research interests are evaporation from the ocean, rain forest destruction effects on atmospheric CO2 rise, and diffusion of CO2 through the atmosphere.


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