Anti-Spam Policy

Climate Change Truth (or the Company) will ensure to act in accordance with US AntiSpam Legislation.

Spam: we consider spam to be any electronic commercial message that is sent without the express consent
of the recipient(s).

Climate Change Truth understands that the all employees must be educated in order to ensure the correct steps are taken to remain in compliance and stop spam from being sent.

Climate Change Truth also understands that anti-spam legislation is to designed to deter or limit the damaging and misleading forms of spam.
Climate Change Truth will ensure the integrity of their systems by utilizing a network security program, spam filters and anti-virus software on all company computers and platforms. These systems will be kept up to date on a regular basis.

Climate Change Truth will remain compliant by only sending commercial electronic messages to consumers that have opted in to receive these communications. Climate Change Truth will gain consent for commercial marketing purposes prior to sending commercial messages, unless we have a pre-existing business relationship with the intended recipient. All commercial electronic messages will include an option for the recipient to opt out of receiving messages in the future.

Climate Change Truth will ensure the following practices are followed when using electronic messaging for purposes:

  • Maintain accurate and precise email list management methods.
  • Include all essential company information within each message, including company name and contact information.
  • Include an opt-in approach to allow subscribers to confirm they want Climate Change Truth`s messages
  • Include an opt-out (or unsubscribe) message that is simple and direct within the email