Climate Change Truth

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We are an organization dedicated to find the truth about climate change. Our areas of study are below. We are looking for federal, state and private grants for a 10 year study.  I called the company climate change truth because I am a scientist and we should always follow the data instead of fitting the data to what we want to fit it to.
1.    Water vapor evaporation rates from oceans.  This changes based on salinity and temperature.
2.    Diffusion of Carbon Dioxide at various altitudes in the atmosphere.  This will produce a diffusion gradient
3.    The devastation of the Amazon Rain Forest does correlate to the increase in Carbon Dioxide since 1950. We also have lost 5% of earth’s oxygen production.
1988 Dr. James Hansen testified before congress greenhouse gases were causing more warming in the future.
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Sea Level Rise

It is said the sea level is rising. This is technically true. About 9 inches since 1870.  This is clearly caused by sedimentation and expanding ocean by warming.  See the below graph and notice the left scale is in inches to enhance the picture. As the oceans rise the surface area expands and the evaporation rate increases due to increased sea surface area.  As the oceans warm the evaporation rate increases dramatically. The evaporation rate has increased 2X due to warmer and less salty oceans (dilution from glacier melt).  This is why the ocean rise rate is the same now as in 1870.  Prior to 1980 20% of the Sun’s energy to earth is blocked by clouds.  Now with 2X more evaporation there are more clouds.  We only need to get to 30% reflection and the earth will start to cool off.

It will take 450 years to rise 3 feet at this rate.