Ocean Data

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The NOAA Satellite Altimetry data is not correct. Their recent launch of Jason-3 Satellite has a minimum resolution of 25 mm. They say they are measuring a 3 mm/year rise which is impossible.  This data is unreliable.

South Beach Oregon tide gauge NOAA station 9435380 is 1.7 mm/yr sea level rise and not accelerating.

Sea Level Change data is unreliable. The satellite they use, (the Jason-3) has a minimum resolution of 25 mm. They say they are measuring a 3mm rise per year by measuring a location every 10 days. When we measure anything below minimum resolution, the data reliability drops exponentially below 50% of the minimum resolution. I know the tide gauges tell the truth and show almost no sea level change “Nowhere on this planet can we find a tide gauge with over a 100 year record that shows a sudden linear change in direction starting in 1992 from 1.1 to 1.4mm/yr. jumping to 2.9 to 3.4mm/yr. per the chart below. Even where violent tectonics intervene, such as Seward Alaska, the rate of change remains consistent in direction and remains linear, before and after the event! “DOI : doi.org/10.33140/JMSRO.02.01.06 The Views of Three Sea Level Specialists Mörner NA, Wysmuller T and Parker A https://www.opastonline.com/jmsro-volume-2-issue-1-year-2019/www.opastonline.com J Mari Scie Res Ocean, 2019 Volume 2 | Issue 1 Tom Wysmuller put together a document which explains the facts. https://cctruth.org/SLRresolution.pdf A Movie will come out in the Theaters which documents the false NOAA data its called Climate Hustle II. I know more than 200 Semiconductor Lithography and over 30 Climate Change Ph D.’s who agree with this. We have had 40 years of Global warming/climate change and the sea level is rising the same as always.

Think about it this way: Take a yardstick. Wrap it with tape so you cant see the markings. Just see the ends. Now in an empty room. Have someone place an object you are unfamiliar with 10 feet from you. See what measurements you write down in 20 seconds.  Then take the tape off and measure the object. 

The tide gauges however are more accurate and reliable.  Soon I will get graphs made for those. Until then you can go to the link below and see the NOAA tide gauges by latitude. Some of them have decreasing seal level. http://www.sealevel.info/MSL_global_trendtable5_L.html The tide gauges show 1.1 mm/yr rise of sea level.

Thomas-Wysmuller shows that sea level rise is NOT accelerating

Juneau Alaska graph. Where the Glaciers are melting  back 60 feet.  Graph of sea level. The sea level in Juneau is lowering because icebergs under the glaciers which are sticking out from land are melting first. Water expands when frozen and contracts when liquid. Correct Ocean rise by latitude from RAD’s software. Updated 3/15/2018