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#1. Are the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports are deliberate science fiction?

The correct answer is Yes is our 30 scientific PhD’s review for the Global Change Group of the National Academy of scientists. Their reports are science fiction. Cherry picking data to match the UN narrative of removing people from the earth.


#2. Is Methane a larger effect greenhouse gas effect than carbon dioxide?

The correct answer is No

See the greenhouse gas page on


#3. What is the scientific Consensus of the IPCC science?

The correct answer is 33%

This is explained in our IPCC paper.


#4. Is Global sea rise accelerating?

The answer is No

The tide gauges show 1.4 mm/yr linear rise and not accelerating.
See Ocean Data page on


#5. Have the South East USA storms like Katrina coming from West Africa stopped?


See the hurricane forecast here.  This is how it has been since mid October.

Chapter 7 of our college textbook covers how scientists were able to have great effect on East coast storms.


#6. Is the Ocean a sink for Atmospheric carbon dioxide?


See chapter 12 of our college textbook.


#7. What is the numerical Value of the variable NetZeroCO2e?

8.6 gtyr-1

See chapter one of our college textbook


#8. Has NOAA committed fraud in the carbon dioxide rise reporting?

Yes. By roughly 15ppm

Over 36billion trees planted and NOAA doesn’t like them lowering carbon dioxide so there make manual adjustments up.